Creation of contemporary artistic stained glass windows Jean-Dominique FLEURY Studio

Founded in Toulouse in 1978 the Jean-Dominique Fleury studio has, in recent years, become a benchmark for both traditional and contemporary stained glass.

Projects undertaken by the studio include restoration work and architectural design as well as Jean-Dominique Fleury’s own work, his personal creations, which have been widely exhibited to success and acclaim. Recently, Jean-Dominique Fleury has collaborated with contemporary artists such as Miguel Barceló to create 80 m² of stained glass in Saint Peter’s Chapel in Palma de Majorca, with Pierre Soulages 250 m² for the 104 windows in the basilica at Conquesand with Martial Raysse at the Arche d’Alliance in Paris.

These projects have brought the studio renown through its development of a new vocabulary and practice in the technical and philosophical use of light and inspiration. In practice his vast range of experience with glass and stained glass allows him to transcribe the thoughts of the artists with whom he collaborates, using new techniques in applied arts. As such, each new collaboration with an artist is unique, be it for religious architecture or for a public building, requires in depth research which, in turn, gives rise to new and surprising.