Born in 1946 in Pau, France, Jean-Dominique Fleury studied Fine Art at the prestigious School of Art in Paris (Ecole des Métiers d’Art de Paris). 1972 marked an important stage in his creative life. In this year he undertook his first restoration project and conceived and executed his first stained glass work. In the 1980’s the number of commissions for restoration projects increased. The cathedrals of St Etienne (Toulouse), St André (Bordeaux), Notre Dame (Rodez), and St Cécile (Albi), are amongst the best known.

The quality of his work on these projects established his reputation. This subsequently lead him to meet other established artists in the 1990’s with whom new possibilities for stained glass were explored. Miquel Barceló, Pierre Soulages, Marc Couturier, Pascal Convert, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Damien Cabanes, Didier Mencoboni….) Jean-Dominique Fleury attends international conferences where he presents his philosophy. His contribution to the theory behind the practise of stained glass art is drawn from his own experience and ideas. Fleury has, for a number of years, called on the talents of his team of qualified employees who assist him in his many projects.